that took a really long time.

Published January 15, 2015 by kamathsisters

True Story

The year itself and editing together these images. -_-”

2014 was the most challenging and emotionally volatile years of my life and perhaps that’s why I’ve been feeling like 2014 was a very very long year. There’s too much to say about it that would bore most of you (or make you frustrated [trust me, ask my friends who hafta live w/ me and hear it all]). Instead, I broke everything that happened down into a few choice photos and words. This should give you an idea…


I indulged in adventure, I succumbed to fear, I made plans that executed perfectly, I was surprised more often than not. I continue to strive, I continue to disappoint.

2014 is finally over. Funny, I was sorta getting comfortable in it.. and now I’m a bit scared going forward.

Ah right, another recap of the “Wong Fu Productions” specific type.

Thanks for sticking by me, by Wong…

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